Outdoor Education Specialists

We provide bespoke outdoor education, of the highest quality, to schools in the North East of England. We have developed a programme, over a number of years, that aims to combine the benefits of nature connection, adventure activities and strong links to the national curriculum.We can provide CPD sessions for your staff in outdoor learning. We work alongside classroom teachers to support them to plan, create resources and evaluate outdoor learning.We can also work with students to help make the most of your outdoor spaces. This can include building mud kitchens, benches or bird tables from recycled timbers. It might also be planting trees or undertaking gardening projects.


"Where better to learn about river features and the water cycle than on a river in a canoe?"
Environmental responsibility comes from learning to love our beautiful natural environments. Spending time in nature brings learning to life.
Pete is skilled in linking the school curriculum with outdoor learning and adventurous activities. Enthusiastic storytelling, hands-on activities and local knowledge are key to his success. A qualified teacher and experienced outdoor educator, he will work with you to create a bespoke outdoor education program perfect for your school.
For an example of our work alongside Hutton Henry Primary School, please visit: Hutton Henry Outdoor LearningFor an overview of how we aim to progress specific skills and knowledge over time, see Hutton Henry progression overview

Teacher Support

CPD sessions for teachers and support staff are led by me (Pete). They have a focus on helping children develop a closer relationship with nature. I have over a decade of experience in linking the national curriculum to the natural world. My CPD sessions are designed around supporting teachers to interconnect their teaching with evidence-based approaches. I emphasise joint planning with teachers. This way we make the best use of time. Pick my brains for fresh ideas, resources and learn from my experience. Adopting my better ideas, and avoiding my mistakes, will save you time and build your confidence. Together, let's create outdoor lessons that will inspire and excite young minds!In the meantime, I post lots of outdoor learning tips on Instagram

School Grounds

Outdoor play is great for children's mental and physical health. Having high quality outdoor spaces, can inspire children to socialise, be active and connect with nature.I have led several school grounds improvement projects. For example, I worked one-to-one with a child with behavioural challenges that struggled with time in the classroom. He spent one day each week, for 5 weeks, revamping a dishevelled corner of the school into a beautiful wildlife garden. We hammered, screwed, sawed and dug in plants, creating planters, a fence and gate, a bench, a bug hotel and a bird table. We had music on and a relaxed atmosphere, but we worked hard and the project involved a good amount of incidental maths (measurements, calculations, etc), design thinking and responsibility.In other projects, I have built mud kitchens and outdoor stages, working with recycled timbers. I love to see children involved with planting trees, bushes, seeds and bulbs, and can provide advice on planting schedules and establishing maintenance routines for children to contribute on a long term basis.


Exploring, Etc is run by me - Pete Hubbard. My mission is to help children live more adventurously and develop a closer relationship with nature. To do so, I strive to provide the very highest quality of outdoor learning sessions, CPD for school staff, and support for improving school grounds.Previously an engineer, and then a maths teacher, I have always had a passion for the outdoors. For over ten years, my experience as an outdoor educator has grown and I have worked for a variety of outdoor centres, schools and adult groups.I am currently studying for an MA in Outdoor Education and my research is concerned with place-based education, relational ontologies and nature connectedness. At the core of this work is my belief that young people will live more purposeful and rewarding lives when they develop a close relationship with landscapes and wildlife. And in doing so, they will contribute to living harmoniously with the natural world.My Qualifications:
Current Study: MA Outdoor Education, University of Worcester
Teaching qualification: PGCE Outdoor Activities and Mathematics, University of Bangor
British Canoeing: Level 2 Coach (kayak and canoe), Canoe Leader, Whitewater Safety and Rescue
Mountain Training: Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor
Outdoor First Aid
Enhanced DBS check


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I'm always happy to come along and chat for no fee, so you get an idea of my style.

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